REALLY simulating the Supply Chain Block 1-1

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The course is composed of 5 blocks. Today we will visit the DCs inbound process by creating material flow, using task executers to move product and putting away pallets on a rack.

The world is changing faster than ever, so supply chains are evolving to be Agile. They can’t rely on long-term strategic plans instead they are committed to rapidly reconfiguring themselves. One helpful capacity is ability to model and simulate the SC under a variety of conditions to predict how well it performs. Companies can then use such valuable information to proactively adjust. But that is easier said than done.

From something simple to a way more detailed model.

We have completed the first pass on the inbound flow of our DC simulation. We will be building the model using a layered approach. From something simple to a way more detailed version both in process and visuals.

Subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for the next video where we will continue to build some serious simulation skills by creating an inspection process by using the process flow functionality, separating flows of different SKUs and making our storage a bit smarter.

Next time we will continue with block one, simulating the DC, and we will finish building the inbound flow.

This is REALLY simulating the Supply Chain, your best source for simulation tutorials and references. I am Enrique Elizaga head of simulation projects at Supply Chain Institute and I'm very excited to help you become a simulation expert!


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